December 1st and Monday, December 3rd, for the first time in Britain, in London & Edinburgh, a Kyo Mai Inoue Ryu Master and designated living National Treasure will perform a unique collection of dances developed in the old capital of Kyoto during the Edo period. Kyo Mai is based on the graceful movements found in Noh but also incorporates dance elements found within such as bunraku in static Noh.
The event will begin with a dance performance from ‘National Living Treasure', Inoue Yachiyo V. Following her dance, a short documentary will be shown to elaborate on the ancient dance and provide a brief history of this performing art. Finally, Inoue Yachiyo V’s daughter, Yasuko Inoue, will also give a performance. Both of the dances will have musical accompaniment, provided by Shamisen (a traditional Japanese stringed instrument) and Koto, so lovers of traditional Japanese music are also sure to enjoy the event.
Tickets for the event are free; however, we advise to book a ticket online at Eventbrite. 
This is a rare opportunity to see a traditional performance art of this calibre outside of Japan, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity.
12月1日(土)と12月3日 (月)に京舞井上流による公演がロンドンとエディンバラで開催されます。 
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